mardi 7 avril 2009

My life (...) in ABC

Bon... C'est la grande mode, E.K., Leslie, Dopple, TiteMaud, j'en passe et des meilleurs l'ont fait, donc, hop ! Je saute le pas et reviens avec une chaîne : ma vie en ABC. Et en Anglais, s'il vous plaît !

A is for age : 21. Pretty young, right ?
B is for booze of choice : Already told you that life without a good Manhattan isn't life ! But a good Saint-Estèphe, a Karuizawa or a Laurent Perrier isn't that bad...
C is for carreer : yet ? Hum... hard to tell. "Beau-parleur" ?
D is for your last dentist appointment : Why on earth would anyone know something like that ?!
E is for essential items you use everyday : Imac, Ipod, Macbook, cell-phone, shampoo, food, such as milk, bread, butter (a lot !), meat... Well, you know... Stuff like that. You don't need an exhaustive list after all.
F is for favorite song at the moment : What if I say Rachmaninoff, Étude-Tableaux, Op.33, No 1 in F minor ?
G is for favorite games : Video-games of course... I already answer that question here. Let say : good RPGs and adventure-games.
H is for hometown : Saint-Brieuc (22)
I is for instruments  you play : piano, Guitar, Bass. And I sing too.
J is for Jam flavor on your PBJ : Homemade Blackberry (nam nam) !
K is for kids you last saw : My neighbours'children
L is for last kiss : not things I use to tell to anybody. And don't take it personnaly, but if you're reading those lines, you could be anybody.
M is for fondest memory : more than one, hopefully !
N is for nom of your crush : would you please stop questionning me about that...
O is for overnight hospital stays : I was 16, and doctors were pretty sure that I was high, while I was just having a spasmophilia AND an asthma attack. One of my worst memory ever.
P is for phobia : you don't read my blog that much, do you ? answer here and here !
Q is for favorite Quote : still looking for one in particular. But quoting is one of my worst habit... Damn ! Am i answering too fast ?
R is for biggest regrets : not being a professional piano player. Not speaking 6 different languages. Not being able to see my grand-father anymore...
S is for status : as far as I can tell, single. Am I ?
T is for time you wake up : usualy, before 9am.
U is for underwear type : boxers and pants
V is for vegetable you love : courgette !!
W is for worst habit : way too much... Being me ?
X is for x-ray you've had : dunno... Really.
Y is for yummy food you make : porc aux ananas, boeuf bourguignon, tajine aux citrons, poulet à la mangue... I love to cook sugar salt courses !
Z is for last Zoo visited : my faculty, yesterday... And that was ugly.

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dancingking a dit…

Hum Karuizawa!
Je suis très flatté que tu suives mes conseils en ce qui concerne le whisky petit Antoine.
Mes trésors du moment:
Highland Park 15 ans
Ardbeg Uigeadail

ps: je viens de découvrir ce blog et me plonge dans la lecture de ton cycle...Tu auras mon avis rapidement et sans détours.

Vous étiez au moins...